Biologist David George Haskell writes..

‘We are all – trees, humans, insects,birds,bacteria – pluralities. Life is embodied network. These living networks are not places of omnibenevolent oneness. Instead they are where ecological and evolutionary tensions between cooperation and conflict are negotiated and resolved.’

The pre-Socratic Greek philosopher Heraclitus provides the most famous image of process metaphysics.

‘It is not possible, he says, ‘to step twice into the same river’ 

Nothing Stands Still

Process philosophy invites us to look at longer stretches of time, blurred boundaries and connected relations. 


My art practice, is rooted in my interest in philosophical ideas/ suggestions, but not limited to themes around: ‘the self’ – ‘consciousness’, and currently, ‘collective consciousness’.

My style is expressive, and mostly figurative, recently leaning towards partial abstraction. I see myself as an expressive painter, in so far, as distorting form for expressive effect, using painterly brush strokes and using colour, as a means of representing emotional experience. All other mediums, (other than a painting) ,that I choose to engage in, for the work, from a conceptual process of enquiry,  I approach from a painterly perspective.

All artworks created stand independently, but also each form an integral part of the whole body of work, that flows from one into the other.  

Refer to the Artist Statement page for a description of ‘A different kind of fire’ – current portfolio in progress  (2019 – 2020)