cropped-gold.jpg Crossing the bridge from the ‘conscious’ and the ‘unconscious’ 

My Art practice is where I try to make sense off the human condition, where I reflect and engage with philosophical suggestions, dialogues and narratives around questions off, ‘consciousness’  ‘being’ ‘identity’ ‘humanity’ ‘belonging’ ‘life & death’,  responding to current local and global;ClimateSocio-Economic-Political, perspectives and challenges. 


Please refer to my news page for work currently exhibited until end of March 2019 at The University of the Witwatersrand Art Museum (WAM) and in The Catalogue project of the 2018 Endless Biennial in New York. from the 7 – 21 December 2018.  


The work exhibited at The Johannesburg Holocaust & Genocide Centre, which opened on Earth day, the 22 April 2018, ‘Nothing stands still’ moves my practice towards collective consciousness  ‘belonging‘, ‘migration‘,’conflict‘, aligned to the theme of water, as the underlying conceptual metaphor for this reflection, ‘Fresh water’ as a limited natural resource. 

Refer to the work page for images of the ‘Nothing stands still‘  portfolio 

Nothing Stands Still

Earth Day 2018 focused on the rising plastic crisis that is landing in our oceans and that never breaks down. The installation ‘ Hanging in the balance 1 ‘ responds to the growing activism around this global issue.  
Hanging in the Balance 1‘ Mixed Media 2.5 by 2,5 by 2.5m 2018Hanging in the balance 1- Max
Photo 2018-03-25, 14 20 08
Following ‘Nothing stands still’, I am currently deepening my interest in Climate Change and the questions that arise from the threat off increased Temperatures. 
‘Who will cool it? ‘  – Mixed Media, oils on stainless steel – 39 by 39cm 2018 Who will cool it
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