Press Pause Studio

A space to engage with ‘Process versus things’ considering questions quietly such as the cliche about a glass of water – is it half empty or half – full? The question assumes a static arrangement of things, serving as a basis for either an optimistic or pessimistic interpretation. What if the isolated frame ‘a glass of water’ fails to give the relevant information?

Anyone would prefer an emptier glass that is getting full to a fuller one getting empty. 

A practice to ‘Just Breathe‘, connecting with process – where ‘pausing‘ is necessary.


Kierkegaard the Danish philosopher lamented; Of all ridiculous things, the most ridiculous seems to me, to be busy – to be a man who is brisk about his food and his work’

Agnes Martin counsels:

A Studio is not a place in which we talk to friends. You will hate your friends, if they destroy the atmosphere of your studio. The whole world which you know intrudes. There is no clarity of mind, it is hopeless if your studio atmosphere cannot be preserved. 

There are some people allowed into the studio, who will not destroy the atmosphere but will bring encouragement and who are an absolute necessity and must be treated as honoured guests – They are Friends of Art. 

‘Friends of Art who magnify your spirit‘.