Body of work

My Art journey started, when I was a child, I have always loved to use my hands and put my thoughts and ideas into visual form. My self portrait, my first ever oils painting, was kept by the Wits University / JCE Arts department in 1991, and I was when the opportunity presented itself, fortunate in being able to retrieve it back from them. I have always loved it’s spontaneity, and deep emotional use of colour! Its a painting, that I cherish because I  enjoyed every brushstroke: ‘painting for the sake of painting!’

Tessa 1991 – Oils on Board – Artists collection

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Prices available upon request from or you can purchase directly from LATITUDES ONLINE  – Works selected from my portfolio of work and curated by Lucy MacGarry, Roberta Coci and Team, are listed with all specifics and details on the Latitudes online marketplace. Follow the Link below and look under my profile on the Latitudes site.

A different kind of fire’ 

Images of the work will be released as I exhibit the work. Read the artist statement on the Artist Statement page to get an overview of what the portfolio of work is addressing.
A different kind of fire’ portfolio of new work, includes Acrylic Paintings, Mixed Media Drawings, Limited Edition Prints, An installation and sculptural installations. A couple of works from this portfolio have been exhibited over a couple of online exhibiting platforms, since January 2021. They include: ‘Islands of Fertility’, ‘S.O.S’, #2 Degrees Celcius‘ and ‘Scream’ – Images are shown on the News page and on the Exhibiting Platform online showcasing as specified in the News page for now.

Nothing stands still’

Melt ‘ 

Mixed Media on Belgium canvas, 2m by 1.8m by 50mm Melt


Mixed Media: Photo Digital Print – 100% Cotton – 62.5 by 52cm Limited


Mixed Media: Photo digital print – 100% cotton – 62,6 by 52cm Gold


Mixed Media: Photo digital print – 100% cotton – 62,6 by 52cm Melting


Mixed Media: Photo digital print – 100% cotton – 62,6 by 52cm Fragile


Mixed Media: Photo digital print – 100% cotton – 62,6 by 52cm S.O.S jpg

Not yours

Mixed Media on Belgium Canvas , 3.6m by 56cm 
Not yours
'Not yours'2

Who will cool it‘ 

Mixed Media on PDF: 1.28m by 32cm  by 3cm 
Who will cool it

Thirsty Planet’ 

Mixed Media on PDF: 90cm by 30cm by 6cm 
Thirsty Planet

What lies beneath?’  

Acrylic on Belgium Canvas: 1m by 1.4m by 2cm 
What lies beneath

Nothing stands still 1 ‘ 

Acrylic on Belgium Canvas 1m by 1.2m by 3cm 

Rivers have no borders 1 ‘

Monotype EV1/3 Fabriano 51 by 84cm 
Rivers have no borders 1

Waterfall ‘ 

Monotype EV1/3 Fabriano 51 by 84cm 

Who will thrive 1 ‘

Monotype 1/1 –  Fabriano 51 by 84cm 
'Who will thrive 1'

Who will thrive 2 ‘

Monotype EV1/3 Fabriano 51 by 84cm 
'Who will thrive 2'

Less than 1% ‘

 Cine Cole 1/1 Fabriano 51 by 84cm 
Less than 1%


Denial of Death

Evolutionary Tension ‘
Mixed Media on Belgium Canvas, 120:120:2.5cm a-3a-death-in-tehran
Mixed Media on Belgium Canvas – 120:120:2.5cm'Hintergedanke'   
Denial of death
Mixed Media on Belgium Canvas –1.20:1.2o:2.5cm 'Denial of death' 
Vae Victis
 Mixed Media on Belgium Canvas – 120:120: 2.5cm'Vae Victis'
Spoilt child ’30:40:2cm Mixed Media  ‘Ego prison’ 30:40:2cm Mixed M
'Spoiled child'
'Ego prison'


‘Death instinct’30:40:2cm Mixed M   ‘Silent retreat’ 30:40:2cm Mixed M
'Death Instinct'
'Silent retreat'


What is it like?’

What is it like?’ – Mixed Media – 140:80:5cm

Self Unfolding ‘ – Mixed Media on MDF – 140:80:5cm-'Self Unfolding       
Ultimate sleep‘ – Mixed Media on MDF – 140:80:5cm'Ultimate big sleep'
Transference neurotics‘ 60:100:5cm Mixed Media  
Incubator of life’ 60:100:5cm Mixed Media
'Transference Neurotics'
'No me left'


Hypertrophied 1′ 50:65cm Monotype 1/1  
‘Hypertrophied 2’ 50:65cm Monotype 
Hypertrophied 3
Hypertrophied 1


Consciousness & Identity‘ 

Flight from freedom 1″  54:65cm Monotype 1/1    

Being – in -itself’ 54:65cm Monotype 1/1                                                              ‘Escape 1′ 50:66cm Monotype 
Being in itself
Escape from evil 1. Jpeg


‘Freedom of self 2’  54:65cm Monotype 1/1                                                
‘Freedom of self 3’ 54:65cm Monotype 
'Freedom of self 2'
'Just little me'


Mechanical Reduction‘ 26:26:39cm Sculptural Installation 
'Mechanical reduction'
Psychotherapy of the masses‘ 60:40:4 cm Sculptural Installation
Psychopathology of the masses'


Following the red light ‘

Facade of personality‘ Mixed Media on PDF 60 by 60 by 5cm                      'Facade of personality'


Outrage‘ 45:60cm Fabriano – Monotype 1/1                                          
Release‘ 28:43cm/ 59:70cm-Drypoint
 outrage-b        Let it go
Still Life 1, 2, 3’20:29cm/34:44cm –  Drypoint 1/1 of each
Still life 4
Still life 2


'Still Life 4'

me’ 19.5:14cm Fabriano – Spitbite

‘Digital Vertigo’ 20:29cm Fabriano – Drypoint 1/1 
Digital vertigo

‘Melancholy’  1.2:1.5m by 2.5cm Acrylics on Cotton Duck canvas