Portfolio of work

Tessa 1991 – Oils on Board – Artists collection

Works available can be viewed by appointment. Prices available upon request from tessa@tessateixeira.com or you can purchase from  LATITUDES ONLINE  – Works are listed with specifics and details on the Latitudes online marketplace. Follow the Link below and look under my profile on the Latitudes site.

All artworks created stand independently, but also each form an integral part of the whole body of work, that flows from one into the other.

‘ You are already inside this’ 

‘War on nature’ forms part of my current portfolio of work, in process of being created and developed. Images of the portfolio will be released when completed and ready to be exhibited. 

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‘A different kind of fire’ 

A different kind of fire’ portfolio of work, includes a diptych painting, mixed media drawings, limited edition prints and an Installation. 
Slideshow includes: a)‘Toxic’ – Soapground Aquatint Etching Edition – 50cm:35cm – 2019 b)’S.O.S’ c) ‘#2 Degrees Celsius’ – Sugarlift Aquatint Etching d)’Scream’ – Mixed Media Drawing – 150cm:158cm – 2020 e)‘Anthropocene’ – Charcoal pencil drawing – 22cm:48cm  – 2020. Below: ‘Natures Apothecary’ – Mixed Media and Spekboom – 2.5m:2.5m:2.5m – 2022

Nothing stands still

‘Nothing stands still’ portfolio of work, includes paintings, photo digital mixed media work, monotype prints, photo lithographs, etchings and an installation.
‘Melt’ Mixed Media painting on Belgium Cotton canvas – 2m:1.8m:50mm – 2017
Slideshow includes: a) ‘What lies beneath’ – Acrylic painting – 1m:1.4m:2cm – 2017 b) ‘Hanging in the balance 2’ – Mixed Media – 39cm:39cm – 2017 c)’Limited’-Photo Digital mixed media print – 62.5cm:52cm – 2017 d)‘Gold’ e)‘Melting’ f)‘Fragile’ g &h)‘Nothing stands still 1 & 2’ – Acrylic painting – 1m:1.2m:2cm – 2018 i & j)‘Rivers have no borders 1 & 2’ – 51cm:84cm – 2016 k)’Waterfall’ l)’24 hour patrols’ – Photo Digital mixed media print – 51cm:67cm – 2017 – Below prints: a) ‘Lifeline’ – Photo Lithograph – 50cm:39cm – 2017 b) ‘Untitled’ 
 ‘Cold shower‘ – Mixed Media installation – 2.5m:2.5m:2.5m – 2021
Above: a)‘Embrace’ – 2 plate Spit bite Etching – 54cm:76cm – 2015 b)‘Its raining!’ – Mixed Media with Felt Etching – 2016 c)‘All is connected’ – Mixed Media with gold leaf Etching (2016) d)‘Elemental embrace’ – Etching with hand colouring – 2016
Hanging in the balance’ – Mixed Media – 2.5m:2.5m:2.5m – 2016

Denial of Death’

Denial of Death’ portfolio of work, comprises of mixed media acrylic paintings and Lithographs. 
Above: a) ‘Evolutionary tension‘ Mixed Media on Belgium Canvas, 120:120:2.5cm b) Hintergedanke c) Denial of Death d) Vae Victus       
Below: a) Denial of death 2 ‘ – 30cm:40:2cm – Mixed Media b)‘Spoilt child ‘ c)‘Ego prison’
a) ‘Silent retreat’ – 30cm:40cm:2cm Mixed Media b) ‘Death instinct’ 


What is it like?’

‘What is it like’, portfolio of work includes mixed media acrylic paintings and Monotype prints.

‘Consciousness & Identity’ 

Flight from freedom 1″  54:65cm Monotype 1/1    
Slideshow includes: a)’Being – in -itself’ 54cm:65cm Monotype 1/1 b) ‘Escape 1′ 50cm:66cm c)‘Freedom of self 2′  54cm:65cm Monotype 1/1 d)’Freedom of self 3′ 1/1 e)’Freedom of self 1′ 1/1

‘Following the red light’

'Facade of personality'
‘Facade of personality‘ Mixed Media on PDF 60cm:60cm:5cm

‘Earlier portfolio of work

Below: a)’Abyss’ – Monotype b) to e)‘Follow the abyss’ 1 – 4 – Acrylic on 100% cotton paper

Below: a)‘Outrage’- 45cm:60cm – Fabriano – Monotype 1/1 b)’Release‘ 59cm:70cm – Drypoint c)‘Digital Vertigo’- 20cm:29cm – Fabriano – Drypoint 1/1 d)‘me’- 19.5cm:14cm – Fabriano – Spitbite e) ‘Marcel proust’s rope’ f)‘Melancholy’

‘Melancholy’  1.2:1.5m: 2.5cm – Acrylics on Cotton Duck canvas