Body of work

My Art journey started, when I was a child, I have always loved to use my hands and put my thoughts and ideas into visual form. My self portrait, my first ever oils painting, was kept by the Wits University / JCE Arts department in 1991, and I was when the opportunity presented itself, fortunate in being able to retrieve it back from them. I have always loved it’s spontaneity, and deep emotional use of colour! Its a painting, that I cherish because I  enjoyed every brushstroke: ‘painting for the sake of painting!’

Tessa 1991 – Oils on Board – Artists collection

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A different kind of fire’ 

Images of the work will be released as I exhibit the work. Read the artist statement on the Artist Statement page to get an overview of what the portfolio of work is addressing.
A different kind of fire’ portfolio of new work, includes Acrylic Paintings, Mixed Media Drawings, Limited Edition Prints, An installation and sculptural installations. A couple of works from this portfolio have been exhibited over a couple of online exhibiting platforms, since January 2021. They include: ‘Islands of Fertility’, ‘S.O.S’, #2 Degrees Celcius‘ and ‘Scream’ – Images are shown on the News page and on the Exhibiting Platform online showcasing as specified in the News page for now.

Nothing stands still’

Melt ‘ 

Mixed Media on Belgium canvas, 2m by 1.8m by 50mm Melt


Mixed Media: Photo Digital Print – 100% Cotton – 62.5 by 52cm Limited


Mixed Media: Photo digital print – 100% cotton – 62,6 by 52cm Gold


Mixed Media: Photo digital print – 100% cotton – 62,6 by 52cm Melting


Mixed Media: Photo digital print – 100% cotton – 62,6 by 52cm Fragile


Mixed Media: Photo digital print – 100% cotton – 62,6 by 52cm S.O.S jpg

Not yours

Mixed Media on Belgium Canvas , 3.6m by 56cm 
Not yours
'Not yours'2

Who will cool it‘ 

Mixed Media on PDF: 1.28m by 32cm  by 3cm 
Who will cool it

Thirsty Planet’ 

Mixed Media on PDF: 90cm by 30cm by 6cm 
Thirsty Planet

What lies beneath?’  

Acrylic on Belgium Canvas: 1m by 1.4m by 2cm 
What lies beneath

Nothing stands still 1 ‘ 

Acrylic on Belgium Canvas 1m by 1.2m by 3cm 

Rivers have no borders 1 ‘

Monotype EV1/3 Fabriano 51 by 84cm 
Rivers have no borders 1

Waterfall ‘ 

Monotype EV1/3 Fabriano 51 by 84cm 

Who will thrive 1 ‘

Monotype 1/1 –  Fabriano 51 by 84cm 
'Who will thrive 1'

Who will thrive 2 ‘

Monotype EV1/3 Fabriano 51 by 84cm 
'Who will thrive 2'

Less than 1% ‘

 Cine Cole 1/1 Fabriano 51 by 84cm 
Less than 1%


Denial of Death

Evolutionary Tension ‘
Mixed Media on Belgium Canvas, 120:120:2.5cm a-3a-death-in-tehran
Mixed Media on Belgium Canvas – 120:120:2.5cm'Hintergedanke'   
Denial of death
Mixed Media on Belgium Canvas –1.20:1.2o:2.5cm 'Denial of death' 
Vae Victis
 Mixed Media on Belgium Canvas – 120:120: 2.5cm'Vae Victis'
Spoilt child ’30:40:2cm Mixed Media  ‘Ego prison’ 30:40:2cm Mixed M
'Spoiled child'
'Ego prison'


‘Death instinct’30:40:2cm Mixed M   ‘Silent retreat’ 30:40:2cm Mixed M
'Death Instinct'
'Silent retreat'


What is it like?’

What is it like?’ – Mixed Media – 140:80:5cm

Self Unfolding ‘ – Mixed Media on MDF – 140:80:5cm-'Self Unfolding       
Ultimate sleep‘ – Mixed Media on MDF – 140:80:5cm'Ultimate big sleep'
Transference neurotics‘ 60:100:5cm Mixed Media  
Incubator of life’ 60:100:5cm Mixed Media
'Transference Neurotics'
'No me left'


Hypertrophied 1′ 50:65cm Monotype 1/1  
‘Hypertrophied 2’ 50:65cm Monotype 
Hypertrophied 3
Hypertrophied 1


Consciousness & Identity‘ 

Flight from freedom 1″  54:65cm Monotype 1/1    

Being – in -itself’ 54:65cm Monotype 1/1                                                              ‘Escape 1′ 50:66cm Monotype 
Being in itself
Escape from evil 1. Jpeg


‘Freedom of self 2’  54:65cm Monotype 1/1                                                
‘Freedom of self 3’ 54:65cm Monotype 
'Freedom of self 2'
'Just little me'


Mechanical Reduction‘ 26:26:39cm Sculptural Installation 
'Mechanical reduction'
Psychotherapy of the masses‘ 60:40:4 cm Sculptural Installation
Psychopathology of the masses'


Following the red light ‘

Facade of personality‘ Mixed Media on PDF 60 by 60 by 5cm                      'Facade of personality'


Outrage‘ 45:60cm Fabriano – Monotype 1/1                                          
Release‘ 28:43cm/ 59:70cm-Drypoint
 outrage-b        Let it go
Still Life 1, 2, 3’20:29cm/34:44cm –  Drypoint 1/1 of each
Still life 4
Still life 2


'Still Life 4'

me’ 19.5:14cm Fabriano – Spitbite

‘Digital Vertigo’ 20:29cm Fabriano – Drypoint 1/1 
Digital vertigo

‘Melancholy’  1.2:1.5m by 2.5cm Acrylics on Cotton Duck canvas